First grade students are reading books about monsters, writing about monsters and CREATING their own monsters. We're going to do this fun QR code activity to help the students design their own monsters.

Click here to view QR codes

For a printable copy of codes, open powerpoint below:

**As students scan codes, they will create their monster based on what the code says. They will either draw a quick sketch of what their monsters will look like or write sentences about what their monsters will look like (ex: My monster will have 5 eyeballs.) Once this is complete, they are going to create a monster that will become a writing journal for the week. I'll post pics of examples of monsters as soon as I have them.

Some of the QR codes had answers, so the children could check themselves. Here are the QR codes that are the answers that they could use to self-check:

Watch my short Animoto below to see some pics of the children working and to see some of their super cool monsters!