Below you will find all the digital projects submitted by McGowen's third graders. The Collin McKinney Digital Media Festival was a HUGE success! Thanks to everyone for their support.

Please use an iPad to open the following ebook. Click on this link and the book will go straight to iBooks on your iPad.

Graphic Novel 1:

by Cole, Connor, Jenna and Katelynn

Collin McKinney Comic Book

Group 2:

by Cole, Priyanka, Rashdan, and Vivian

Collin McKinney

3rd Graders at McGowen are working on focusing their writing. So, they created videos about one aspect of Collin McKinney's life. They call it "watermelon seed" writing - taking one idea and focusing on it.

Animated Video #1: Collin McKinney's Early Life
Nia, Alexis, Anthony and Ian (Ms. Hickman's Class)

animated Video #3:
Alexa, Sydney, David and Natalia (Ms. Ellison's Class)

Animated Video #4: Signing the Texas Declaration of Independence
by Scottie, Julia, Tony and Ernesto (Ms. Hickman's Class)

Animated Video #5: Collin McKinney's Family Life
by Destiny, Lauren, Sophia and Elijah (Ms. Hickman's Class)

Animated Video #2: The Tragic Fire
by Brianna, Kevin, Lexi and Mackinlee (Ms. Hickman's Class)