Third graders are learning about animals.

Each student will create a presentation on an animal that may solve or cause problems for people.

*All of the research notes should written on the recording sheets.

*Each student may choose what type of product to create for your presentation. Your teacher already has several animals chosen and may let you choose which one you want OR assign you to an animal.

As you are organizing your research (BEFORE you start your final product), ask yourself the following questions:

Are my notes and thoughts in the proper order?

Who is the audience for my finished work?
What type of project will I choose to show what I know?
Did I follow the rubric?
Have I checked my work for spelling and grammar?
Do I have complete sentences?
How much time do I have to share my project?

*The final product should include your project (see project choices link) as well as a hand written or typed paragraph on a separate page. The paragraph should explain what adaptations your animal has in order to survive IN ITS HABITAT. Find at least four adaptations for your animal. Look for adaptations in the following categories:
- adaptation for getting food
- adaptation for protection from predators
- adaptation for protection from weather or cold temperatures
- adaptation for movement
- adaptation for getting water
- adaptation for getting air
· Two sentences telling how your animal solves problems or causes problems for people.
· At least four interesting facts about your animal.
· A sentence explaining the information about your animal found on the chart, map, or graph.
· Two questions explaining what else you would like to learn about this animal.
· Sources used are cited.
The following items must be included in your project:
· Title of topic
·Your first and last name
· 3 out of 5 pictures selected from the following options:
- A picture of your animal
- A picture of an early stage of your animal’s life cycle.
- A picture of your animal and its parents.
- A picture of your animal as an adult.
- A picture of your animal’s habitat.
· Three important facts describing the life cycle of your animal.
· A description of three of your animals INHERITED traits.
· A description of five things about the habitat of your animal.
Here are the project choices:

To create a Glogster EDU account, click on this link: Create a Glogster EDU account
The code is T8CEACH
Animal books are found in the nonfiction section of the library. Your teacher already has the library books you will need for this project.
*Online Resources and Web Sites- If searching at home and a site asks for a user name and password, our school’s username is mcgowen, and password is mavericks.
Grolier Online
Encyclopedia Britannica
EBSCO Research Databases- (Hint: click on Searchasaurus)
How Animals Get Food
Creature Feature
Sacramento Zoo
Animals and Their Young

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for a rubric that will be used to determine your grade.

**Special thanks to Laura Bates for the use of the information on this page!